RFID Tags & Government Contract Labels

If you have a government contract that requires the DoD mandated RFID tags, then look no further. We can provide what you need. VEE Sales has the equipment and expertise to encode, print and test the tags for your contract. Along with your RFID tags, you will receive a spreadsheet with the necessary data for your Wide Area Work Flow entry.

We know what the DoD requires and we will program the tags and supply them to you. You supply Cage Code and pertinent shipping information. We provide custom programmed DoD tags/labels. Simply peel and stick once received.

About our tags:
Zebra label stock passive 4x2 DoD RFID label; small enough to be unobtrusive, large enough to provide readability. These are 96-bit Zebra premium self-adhesive RFID labels. These tags are EPC class-1, generation 2 compliant. Each tag is hand tested and verified to comply with all DoD mandate requirements providing an accelerated shipping process and conformance to provide compliance. MIL-STD-129 and MIL-STD-129-P.

RFID tag pricing:
1 99 tags $1.10 each
100 299 tags $1.00 each
300 or more $0.85 each

In addition to your RFID tags, we can also supply the necessary barcode labels for your contract.

QUP item label (2.625 labels) just peel and stick.
Any quantity $0.02 each
Exterior box label (2 x 4) just peel and stick.
Any quantity $0.04 each

All tag orders (RFID, QUP and exterior box) are subject to a $15.00 service fee + exact shipping charges.

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